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Each day more and more pressure is mounting in everyone to go green. Whether it is separating your waste as an individual, or installing new heating systems at your company offices, we all feel the crunch.

While in the UK our rates of recycling are increasing year on year, over all consumption of plastic is still increasing. More alarmingly is the amount of materials that are ending up in landfill that still are not made to degrade quickly.

With companies turning to promotional materials every day to help build and maintain their customer base, the amount of raw material being used is constantly on the rise. Whether it be a plastic pen, or a paper cup, when these products com to the end of their life span these promotional products eventually ending up in landfill. The need for these products to be more reusable, or eco friendly and biodegradable has increased to an urgent necessity in the eyes of many.

Totally Environmental is a company that believe business can still thrive when switching to become more eco friendly. It is known that products that are kind to the environment can cost more, and are also harder to find, but in the long run, going green is the only way to ensure a sustainable, promising future.

And Totally Environmental is here to help. With the masses of promotional materials on the market, we thought that a one stop shop, providing only eco friendly promotional merchandise will help you, the user, find the right eco products for your next marketing campaign, without the stress and saving valuable time.

Whether you need a fair-trade bag or a bamboo pen, you are in the right place. We have built our website for an easy, user-friendly experience, allowing you to find the product you want with as few clicks as possible. We have divided all the products in to a number of categories, which can be found in both list and graphical form, helping you spend less time searching.

If you simply do not have the time to search, even through our efficient website, but know what you want – help is at hand. Via our quick contact form, or by email, you can send us your brief and let us do the hard work. Even if you are unsure what product you want – get in touch, and we can make suggestions that we are sure will tick the box.

Why Choose Us

Not only are we confident in our expertise in promotional materials, especially the green ones, we also have a track record to prove it. Totally Environmental may be a new name on the market, but it is the creation of over 40 years of experience in the global market of promo giveaways and merchandise marketing. We strive to offer the best service, and ensure you, the customer has 100% confidence in what we do. We also work hard to, making the best of our global supply chain, to offer the best value to our customers. Our vision is that with low prices quality doesn’t have to be compromised, if you buy well. And if you do find a like for like product at a lower cost – let us know, and where possible we will beat it.


On top of providing eco friendly, environmentally sound products to aid with your marketing or trade shows, we also have eco credentials of our own, to show that we are not just serious about selling green products, but practice what we preach. More details about our eco vadis eco rating can be found on our certifications page HYPERLINK.

Eco Blogs

As well as being a hub from environmentally sound promotional merchandise, another of our aims is to feed our visitors with up to date and relevant info via our eco blog. Whether it be product focused, highlighting the benefits of reusable bags, or broader topics, looking into the reasons why we should be becoming greener in general, and new trends in the world of the eco conscious.

For more information on our company, check out our ‘ABOUT US’ page, where you can see more of who we are, and what we have to offer as a forward thinking Eco Products Supplier.



  • With over 40 years of experience within the promotional merchandise industry we realised that there is a need to provide a one stop shop focusing on the eco friendly merchindise that is currently available to help companies become greener, efficiently.. More about us.
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